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Fancy Nancy Toys - Dolls, DressUp, Games and Puzzles Gifts Your Little Girl Will Love


Are you looking for Fancy Nancy Toys and ideas? Well you have come to the right place. Many people are fans of this popular book series created in 2005 by author Jane O'Connor and illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser. Since that time little girls are eager to play dress up, play with dolls, and games of their favorite fancy friend and that is what you will find in this article, information about dolls, dress-up and games!

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Bring a smile to your Fancy Nancy fan with a Fancy Nancy Doll. Dressed in a festive holiday dress and carrying an ornament,the 18" Holiday doll makes a wonderful gift. It will bring a smile and lots countless hours of fun to your little girl.

The well-known and respected doll designer Madame Alexander brings a wonderful likeness and spirit to their line of this dolls and right into your little girl's arms.

The doll dressed as an Explorer will delight your child also! It is dressed with soft cloth and is referred to as Extraordinaire! Adorned in pink boots, a lady bug headband, and leopard print scarf this doll is ready to go and explore!

Dress Up and Pretend Play

Dress Up and Pretend Play are more extraordinary while having a tea party wearing a boa and ruby crown! There are also satin and lace backpacks for careful storage and carrying of all special toys for play dates and more pretend time at the grandparents. And what fashionista should be without a glamorous purse and matching sunglasses!

Games and Puzzles

Take your little ones play time to frilly and elaborate levels with Glitter puzzles, and dress up stick-ons. Colorforms are available with a variety of themes including the Colorforms Dress-Up Games. Spend time together having delicious fun playing the Positively Parfait Game with your little girl.

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About the Author

Suzanne Shields enjoys reading the Fancy Nancy book series and researching and sharing information about Fancy Nancy toys, Bedding, Games, Puzzles, and more!

Toy Dolls

Toy Dolls - Dig that groove baby

Frequently Asked Questions...

What 3 toys/dolls might be problematic because of their messages to children? And why?

I can only think of Barbie and Bratz. I need just one more. What other toys/dolls are known for controversy because of what they expose to kids? Thanks!


The Fisher Price Little Mommy Doll. It talks and says something about Islam. I think the doll says, "Islam is the light."

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